What We Do

The United Merchants Association is composed of men and women that have extensive backgrounds in finance and business. All have worked in cash advance Houses that make high interest, short term money available. These advances can often put small businesses in a constant struggle to make daily payments, and most are shocked to learn that the payback amount equates to 45% or 49% interest for the short 90 or 120 day term. That equates to 90% or even 100% annual interest.

The United Merchants Association is dedicated to helping business owners find other more affordable solutions, such as lines of credit or term loans. And if a cash advance is the only alternative, we here at the Association fight to arrange the best possible rate and terms.

We can arrange equipment financing, consolidation of existing debt and Real Estate backed loans to help your business grow to the next level. And there is never a charge from the Association to any of its members. Our relationship with prime lenders and financial groups is based on the principle that we want to help the businesses in America, not cripple them with high interest debt.

Our association with debt settlement specialists enables us to settle debt, often for pennies on the dollar for business owners that are over leveraged to the point of losing their business. Our credit repair experts can restore your credit to its previous standing and then begin arranging a line of credit that keeps the wolves at a safe distance. It all begins with you filling out our membership form. Remember.....it’s free to join.


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